K-array KH4

The K-array KH4 is a high performance self-powered, 2-way line array speaker system. At just over 47 Kg (100 Lbs) and 16 cm deep (6 inches), its ultra-compact aluminum enclosure contains an incredible reserve of power.

K-array KS4

The KS4 is a self-powered, high performance dipole subwoofer. At just over 37kg (80 lbs) and 16cm deep (6”), its ultra-compact aluminum enclosure has an incredible reserve of power.

K-array KO70

The K-array Ko40 and Ko70 are self-powered, Sub Bass speaker systems. They are best suited for high-power extended bass response applications in arenas, theatres, concert halls, churches, and outdoor events.

K-array KH15

The K-array KH15 is a self-powered, 2-way line array design speaker system. Its ultra-compact aluminum and wood enclosure has an incredible reserve of power that ensures very high sound pressure with wide, consistent (120°) horizontal coverage.